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Berikut informasi lowongan kerja Perawat lokasi manado – ZULU ALPHA PAPA, PT (ZAP) yang dipublikasikan pada April 07, 2016 at 12:20AM. Silahkan anda simak untuk syarat, kualifikasi dan data pendukung yang diperlukan.

ZAP is the specialist in permanent hair removal treatment using technology that has been very popular in Australia and other major countries in the world. ZAP uses the most advanced technology in today’s world market in removing “unwanted hair” quickly, safely and pain-free.

ZAP only uses technology that has passed Quality Inspection and has international recognized certificate (USA FDA and or CE approved). In its intitial establisment time (2,5 first year of opening) ZAP Indonesia is maintained and directed by a consultant from Australia to ensure ZAP able to provide International Standard Treatment and Services.

“ZAP as a world-class beauty treatment company commited to deliver the best beauty treatment experience possible”.

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ZAP is a family of young and creative beauty professionals who love to make others happy through our services while having fun in the process. We work with in our culture to make sure that everyone who interacts with ZAP will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to becoming the person they want to be.

We are market leader in the business of ‘increasing peoples confidence’ by removing things they don’t like from the way they look. ZAP started its business with hair removal and will continue extend its services and products to broader ranges to help our clients better, faster, and more convenient.

ZAP clients are fun & trendy people, who care about the way they look and feel about them self. Our clients value excellent service and treatments. ZAP keen to have good social interactions with our clients because we feel that all our clients are members of our big happy family.

At ZAP we love technology so we are always hunt for the latest and greatest technological advances to support our level of services and ensure our clients get the best treatment experience possible. The only thing we love more then technology is you and that is why we will always show that we care and do our best to make you happy.

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